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Key Cutting and Programming

key-cutting.jpgRemote Programming and Key Cutting

We cut and program car keys and remotes at our shop here in Fountain Hills, AZ.  If you are in the Phoenix area we can save you a substantial amount of money over a dealer or most mobile locksmiths.  Note that we are NOT a mobile locksmith and do NOT come to your location.  You will have to bring the vehicle to us.

Please call us FIRST to verify we have your key or remote in stock and to make an appoitment.  480-668-3520.


 Remote and Transponder ProgrammingTransponder and Remote Programming

Modern automotibiles utilize what is known as the "immobilizer" system.  Simply put it requires that a special key, known as a transponder key, be used to start the car.  Inside the plastic head of most automotive keys is a small device known as a transponder.  The transponder is coded with a series of numbers and letters.  When the key is inserted into the ignition the vehicle "reads" this code. If this is one of the stored codes in the vehicle's memory, it will allow it to start the car.  Otherwise it will not start.  On some vehicles an attempt to start the car with a non-programmed key will result in the vehicle not starting for a period of time, usually about 15 minutes.  Hence, the vehicle is "immobilized". When we cut a new key to fit your vehicle, we must also program the vehicle to recognize this new key.  On some cars there is an on-board or "do-it-yourself" method. On other cars and most newer vehicles this programming can only be done by use of a special programming device or "scan tool" that plugs into the vehicle's diagnostic port.

In a similar way the remote must also be programmed into the vehicle's memory.  Again, on some vehicles there is an on-board or "do-it-yourself" method of doing so.  On others, and most newer vehicles, this too can only be done by a special programming device that plugs into the car's diagnostic port.

Here at our shop we have special equipment to program most vehicles.  Again, please call ahead of time to make an appoitment.

Prices vary.