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GM Program A

  1. Close all doors.
  2. Insert key in ignition, do not turn ignition switch.
  3. Press and hold door lock switch in the UNLOCK position.  (This is the switch on the door, NOT the remote).
  4. Switch ignition ON and OFF two times quickly.
  5. Release door lock switch.
  6. Doors should lock and unlock ONE time to confirm programming mode activated. ALL CURRENT REMOTES ARE NOW ERASED!
  7. Press and hold both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons of first remote transmitter until the doors lock and unlock again (about 20 seconds)
  8. First remote is now programmed.  Repeat step 7 for all remaining transmitters.
  9. Switch ignition ON to exit programming mode.



  • Up to 4 remote transmitters can be programmed.
  • All remote transmitters should be programmed at the same time.  Existing remote codes will be erased.
  • Most programming problems are caused by:
    • Step 3.  Hold the POWER DOOR UNLOCK button down.  NOT the lock button, not the manual switch.  The UNLOCK one.
    • Step 4:  Turn the key ON and OFF two times QUICKLY…I repeat…QUICKLY.
    • Step 7:  Press and HOLD BOTH buttons on the remote UNTIL THE DOORS LOCK AND UNLOCK AGAIN.  It’s only about 15 seconds but seems longer.
    • Step 9.  Turn the key ON to exit programming mode.  Don’t just leave it.
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